My conscience
stays untainted
in spite of rumors
and slanders from
the outside.


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""Is there any chance that you guys could work it out?" he asked."

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"As I listened to you, I was and am fearful. During the rally on Monday my eyes followed one of you, my own student, as he spoke on the stage. Was it less than two years ago that he was one of the silent ones in class? When had he grown so tall, so articulate? And where had that beard come from? As I watched you tremble with the rightness of your words, with the fury of the wronged—when you shouted that you would make the Chinese state come to its knees—something clutched my heart with fear. At that moment I suddenly felt old, in a way that wrinkles and grey hair have not chilled me. When I was young, I too had many dreams."

"On the other side of the Shenzhen River, I feel shamed, I cry and cry. I think you know what I am crying for and what I am shamed of."

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"Your eyes aren’t eyes. They’re bees.
I can find no cure for their sting."


Bob of Tempe, Ariz. says he responds, “T’werk,” when asked where he is headed on Monday mornings.

“I twitch when I hear twerk, for to twerk proves one is a jerk — or is at least twitching like a jerk. Twerking has brought us to a new low in our lexicon.” – Lisa, New York, NY